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About Me

Supporting local businesses in Falkirk and across the UK with wonderful websites.

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Supporting local businesses in Falkirk with website design 🌱

The truth is that marketing your business online is a complex, time consuming and often times unrewarding process.

Most business owners struggle to be consistent. They lack the knowledge of web design and SEO best practices, create content that is not getting results, end up frustrated, burnt out and give up.

But it doesn't need to be this way.

I support local businesses with their websites and digital marketing to help them improve their search rankings, reach new customers and grow their business online.

About Me

A personalized approach to your business website and digital marketing.
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Hi, I'm Josh 👋

I'm a freelancer specialising in website design and SEO. I support local businesses by building awesome websites and improving their Google rankings through search engine optimization.

I discovered web design during my BSc in Computer Science and fell in love with designing and building websites. I started building websites in my spare time and eventually moved on to building websites for friends and family, which soon became the freelancing position I am in today!

I truly enjoy working with local business owners and solving their unique problems. With local businesses, they are always different. They each need a unique angle for their website, or they have a different service that just does not quite fit under the average umbrella-term so they need something special to really portray their business.

I look to work long-term with local Falkirk businesses, consistently supporting them with their website and digital marketing efforts (through Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor) as their business grows.


My personalized process for your project.

Every project is different. But the fundamentals of the design process stay the same.

I work through the same 4 step process with each client but focus on the specifics of your business and your industry. Each website design is unique as every industry has it's own set of requirements.

I engage with you at each step of the process so you are completely in the loop and know what's happening and we can adjust at any time.

Ready for a new website?


Discovery Call 📲

We have a totally free ~15 minute discovery call to get to know each other.

The goal is for me to learn about your business and make sure I'm the right fit to help you, and you can learn about me and how I can help your business.


Design Phase 🖱️

We've agreed on your requirements and you want to start a project, great!

At this stage I start building the design for your website including a sitemap (what pages you will have) and a full design of your website in Figma. You get to sign off on this design before I start building your website.


Website Build 🚧

Once we have signed off on the design it's time for me to create your website!

I will keep you updated throughout the development process and we will review the website together and make any adjustments before it goes live on your domain.


Launch 🚀

It's time for your new website to hit the internet! Once we are happy with your website I will launch it on your domain.

From here we can move into a maintenance package which includes hosting, content updates and more.

But what about...

Have a burning question about your website or just want to know more about what I do? Check out the FAQ or drop me a message with the button below.

Why do I need a website?

A website is the 24/7 digital face of your business. When a potential client Google searches your industry, we want them to find your website, and we want your website to give them the information they need, effectively.

What is SEO and do I need it?

SEO is a deep and complex topic but at it's core your goal is to put your website in front of users that are searching for your type of business. We do this through technical optimization, content optimization and continued content creation (blogging, location pages).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to improve your visibility in search engines (like Google) for specific, relevant keywords and topics around your business industry.

Without SEO your website is unlikely to generate much if any traffic as you are going to be drowned out by competitors who are employing these SEO strategies to optimize and outrank you in the search results.

What support do you offer after finishing my website?

I offer hosting and maintenance packages in which I fully manage your website for you. With this I will manage your hosting package, handle any content updates for you and will be ready to add any new feature to your website should you want them in the future.

With our ongoing relationship you will never need to worry about your website going offline or struggling to update your content if you change your pricing or a service that you offer.

How long is this going to take?

The duration of your project will vary based on how advanced the project is. The average project will usually run for around 1-2 months before your website is fully live, but we can look to put up a landing page very quickly if you need something fast.

Want to learn how a new website can grow your business?