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Local SEO & 
Digital Marketing for Falkirk Businesses

SEO & digital marketing services, fully managed for your local business so you can focus on growing your business.

Optimizing your website for users and search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website and content for search engines. The goal is to ensure your website will come up when a user searches for key topics around your business.

Whilst it's important to optimize for search engines, your users are still going to be your #1 priority and your content needs to reflect this.

When optimizing websites, I focus on creating content that hits the right search terms whilst also engaging your users to keep them on your website. We want your users to find exactly what they need, quickly and easily.

It's time to improve your

content game.

Your website content needs to be effective, on topic and clear for your users,
otherwise you run the risk of them leaving for your competitors.

Technical & on-page SEO

Your SEO efforts start with your website. If your website does not have any technical optimizations (page speed, meta data) or your page content is not relevant for your target keywords, your website has already missed the mark.


Regular blog posts on your website can have vast SEO benefits by targeting a wider variety of keywords and providing your target market with useful content around your industry. This is a great way to grow your website.

Social media & email lists

Building social media pages and an emailing list are amazing methods to keep in contact with your users away from your website. Marketing to users through these channels can generate more traffic by posting infographics or special offers.

SEO in the background

SEO that directly reaches your user is important. But you can not ignore the benefits of building links from relevant directories, competitor analysis to improve your website, your Google Business page and more.

But what about...

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What is local SEO?

Your website is the main display of your business online, your digital storefront. The most important factors that make a quality website are usability and quality content. If your website is poorly optimized (meaning that users are unable to easily navigate, find what they need) or the content on your website is just not up to par, it's like your physical shop being run down and tired.

This does not mean you need a website filled with bright flashing lights, crazy animations and discount banners flying everywhere. What you do need is an easy to use, responsive and modern website that covers the key, important aspects of your business so a user can quickly navigate through your website and find the relevant information they need about you.

My business is a physical location. Do I still need SEO?

A standard website will contain between 3-5 pages including a mix of:
- Home
- About
- Services
- Pricing
- Contact Us

But in reality all businesses are different and will benefit from a mix of these and unique, industry-aligned pages. For example, you can break down your service page into individual services so that you can give more detailed information to your user and also benefit from better search optimization.

You might also want a page where you display previous work you have done or one that lists all the locations you offer your services in.

What do I need to include on my website?

The most important part of your website is the content. This is including but not limited to the actual content around your business. What services do you offer? What sets you apart from your competition? What about previous work you have done?

Other than your business related content, you want to create content such as blog posts and social media posts to advertise your business and really show that you are the expert choice in your industry. Write about your experiences and share your knowledge, give tips and advice for DIY solutions, all of these factors help show that you are the authority in your industry.

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