Web design for local businesses in Falkirk

Web Design Falkirk

A breakdown of my web design service and what is included.

I build websites that
champion your brand.

I build powerful websites for local businesses in Falkirk to showcase their work, services and increase their reach to local clients.

You need a modern website that fits with your branding, gives users the information they are looking for and shows them that you are the right choice for them.

Your website needs to be fast, functional and informative. The average user will stay on a web page for less than a minute.

If your user is not able to find the key information about your business or service within a minute (what services are offered, the location, if you are the right business for them) chances are they will bounce off to your competitors website and you lose their business.

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It's time to step up your

website game.

Your website is the digital face of your business. Would you want your physical location to look run down? You should treat your website with the same level of care.

I build fast websites

One of the main focuses when building your website will be page load speed. For every second extra that it takes your website to load, that's an extra second in which a user may bounce-off before even seeing your page.

Websites that are fully responsive

You can't afford to exclude users who are searching for your business on different devices. I build websites that your users can access from anywhere, on their home desktop, their phone in the middle of the town center, from any device.

Updates are quick and seamless

There is nothing more frustrating than creating a really cool product or service that you want to start offering immediately but needing to wait weeks for your developer to update your website. I offer quick turnaround with no downtime so your website stays online at all times.

Focused on your brand

I focus on building websites that get results for your business. We want your website to really show who you are and what you do. I do extensive research to make sure your website targets your local market, customer base and gives the key information based on your industry.

But what about...

Have a burning question about Webflow web design or just want to know more about what I do? Check out the FAQ or drop me a message with the button below.

Do I need a fancy website?

Your website is the main display of your business online, your digital storefront. The most important factors that make a quality website are usability and quality content. If your website is poorly optimized (meaning that users are unable to easily navigate, find what they need) or the content on your website is just not up to par, it's like your physical shop being run down and tired.

This does not mean you need a website filled with bright flashing lights, crazy animations and discount banners flying everywhere. What you do need is an easy to use, responsive and modern website that covers the key, important aspects of your business so a user can quickly navigate through your website and find the relevant information they need about you.

How many pages does my website need?

A standard website will contain between 3-5 pages including a mix of:
- Home
- About
- Services
- Pricing
- Contact Us

But in reality all businesses are different and will benefit from a mix of these and unique, industry-aligned pages. For example, you can break down your service page into individual services so that you can give more detailed information to your user and also benefit from better search optimization.

You might also want a page where you display previous work you have done or one that lists all the locations you offer your services in.

What do I need to include on my website?

The most important part of your website is the content. This is including but not limited to the actual content around your business. What services do you offer? What sets you apart from your competition? What about previous work you have done?

Other than your business related content, you want to create content such as blog posts and social media posts to advertise your business and really show that you are the expert choice in your industry. Write about your experiences and share your knowledge, give tips and advice for DIY solutions, all of these factors help show that you are the authority in your industry.

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