Google Business Profile Setup For Local Businesses in Falkirk

Google Business Setup for Local Businesses

A Google Business profile optimized and setup so it's easier for local customers to find you! Personalized to your business with regular updates to keep your customers in the loop.

A Google Business Profile
that puts you in front of local customers.

Anyone can set up a Google Business Profile, it's free and easy. But when it comes down to it, optimising your profile is a whole different ball game.

The Google Business Profile has a ton of options, settings and customizations that all play important factors in which areas you target, what customers you reach and how useful your profile will be to growing your business.

With these options come risk, your profile being suspended due to incorrect or outdated information can have a real effect on your customer acquisition and is not an issue you want to be dealing with in your busy day to day!

This is why I offer Google Business Profile setup, optimization and management for local businesses. Whether you sell products and services out of your shop or travel to customers as a service based business, I can optimize your Google Business Profile and help you grow your local business.

Google Business example profile

And one that grows
with your business

Once your profile is setup and verified, over time you will be able to track your organic search hits as well as key information such as phone calls, website clicks and more.

Google Business gives you options to set up in-browser messaging, gives users access to your contact information and direct customers straight to your website.

I am able to setup your profile for you as well as
- Adjust your profile regularly to match your business
- Make regular posts including special offers, new services and products
- Review management to help you seek reviews from previous customers
- Provide you with monthly updates on your traffic
- And anything else related to your Google Business profile

Stats from Google BusinessStat Pie Chart from Google Business

Improve social proof

with review management

Reviews online about your business are important. Potential customers are likely to look for social proof about your business before they make a decision.

But what about...

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I already have a Google Business Profile

Great! You clearly recognise the importance of your Google Business Profile. The next steps are really optimizing your profile, narrowing it down to cover what services you offer and the industry you target.

You also need to think about the right keywords and topics customers will be searching for to find businesses like yours.

Making regular updates to your profile is a good idea as well as posting offers, new products and services that you might offer.

My profile was suspended!

Don't worry! Your profile is likely temporarily suspended for a simple reason. Sometimes Google locks profiles for inconsistent/outdated information, too frequent updates etc.

Send me an email and I can help you sort it out.

Do I need this?

Every business that operates locally or within specific towns, cities and areas should take advantage of the Google Business Profile! It's a great way to increase your reach and puts you in the map pack for your service.

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